| 22-01-2018
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Little About Us
In 1950, we were founded and named after HICHAM H. JAFFAN in Damascus, Syria the oldest still inhabited city in the world. We are committed to providing the best- in-class solutions and services for the food industry.

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Raw Materials > Fats & Oils
We are in a position to supply you with a wide selection of outstanding confectionery and bakery fats, to give your products exactly the properties and eating qualities you want.

List of fats which we can supply:

* All Type of Chcocolate fats
* All typoe of Frying oils
* All type of Shortening
* All type of Cream Fats

For more details about the fats & Oils which we can supply, please use the inquiry form and will get back to you with the information required as soon as possible.

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