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In 1950, we were founded and named after HICHAM H. JAFFAN in Damascus, Syria the oldest still inhabited city in the world. We are committed to providing the best- in-class solutions and services for the food industry.

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There are two types of sweeteners, natural and artificial. Any food item that wants an exotic sweet flavor, requires sweeteners. Most of the sweeteners available in the market these days are fat free and cholesterol free. Food colors can aid in enhancing, maintaining, and/or changing the color of the food.
Emulsifiers, stabilizers and thickeners give food the texture and consistency that customers expect. These are also used during the baking process to help baked goods rise. Some additives help control the acidity of the food items while also maintaining the taste and appeal of the foods with very low fat content.
Food Additives
Food additives are used as an important ingredient for preserving the flavor, taste and the life of the food. They give great color and smooth texture to the food. Preservatives are mainly used in food products in order to decrease spoilage due to yeast, bacteria, fungi and mold.
Preservatives are also used to maintain the quality of the food items that may become spoiled from the in borne harmful agents. Some main examples of preservatives are
sodium nitrate, ascorbic acid, butylated hydroxyanisole and butylated hydroxytoluene.

Food color additives are used to enhance the color of the food items, which will offset the color loss from exposure to light and air, and to provide color variations to make food look colorful or to add that punch to colorless food items.

Sweeteners that are low in calories not only make the food tasty but they also prevent extra consumption of calories. Almost all low-calorie sweeteners are about a thousand times sweeter than normal sugar and have almost negligible calories. Thus, these low-calorie sweeteners not only make the food taste as good as if you were using sugar, but also significantly reduce the items calories.

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Food is made up of many ingredients. Some are commonly known while others are not. In order to insure the best quality of food one needs to understand some basic terms that can aid in the production of food.

Jaffan Trading and Marketing will be more than pleased to assist you in picking the most suitable and cost efficient ingredients for your products

Our dedication to excellence and our experience makes us skilled in the many complexities of success in the food industry. We will use our knowledge to give suggestions to improve your product and/or develop a new one.